How much does it cost to work with INCIFY?

We understand that price is one of the most important aspects you consider while making a significant business decision. Every year, hundreds of businesses approach us for SEO assistance. They all request quotes or estimates — and many people will inquire about pricing in the first few minutes of our talks. We get it. Everyone wants […]

Writing Link-Building E-mail Templates That Actually Work

Link-building’s an important exercise for anyone doing business online. Reaching out to link to prominent websites or influencers to which you can backlink is important for optimizing your website for search engines.  As a businessperson, you also want to use your time efficiently. I get that. That’s why it’s important to develop templates that work. […]

The Importance of Directories & Citations for local businesses

I’ve written my fair share of research papers over the years, and as anyone who’s written a research paper knows, you’ve got to cite your sources. But what does this have to do with digital marketing, or business generally? Plenty. You see, just like an academic paper, Google and other search engines want citations, what […]

Best Tools Digital Agencies & Consultants Use for SEO Project management

Search engine optimization plays a distinct role in making online enterprises successful. But SEO is a time-consuming task that involves more than a bit of drudgery. Having tools to make the task easier and quicker allows you to use your time more efficiently. Some Tools of the SEO Trade Managing projects requires organization, so pretty […]

B2B Statistics to Guide Your 2022 Strategy

Statistics are the foundation of marketing. As someone who worked for years in market research, I can confirm this. If you don’t understand what’s not working – or what is – you’re just going to be guessing.  Might as well just flip a coin to establish a marketing strategy.  The Latest in Marketing Statistics Besides […]

70 Useful E-Commerce Statistics for 2022

If you’ve got an e-commerce business, or if you do any sort of business over the Internet, this post’s for you. Understanding trends will help you better market your products and services online, helping to improve your overall bottom line. So, take a quick glance through the stats, and maybe even learn a thing or […]

What marketing metrics do we use to evaluate our performance?

When it comes to marketing, data is everything. Data tell us stories about what is working and what’s not.  We at Incify breathe data. Everything we say is backed by data and verified through years of experience delivering results. There are two types of results that we measure:  Stakeholder report What matters the most to […]