Digital Archipelago: Indonesia’s E-Commerce Outlook for 2020

Indonesia looks set to continue experiencing the fastest growth in its digital economy when compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Additionally, along with Vietnam and Singapore, the country will account for about 80 percent of tech start-ups in the region, so we’re seeing the number of businesses taking advantage of this trend increasing along with […]

The Rise of Social Media in Indonesia

According to research by Hootsuite, almost half of Indonesians in 2019 did not have Internet access. Yet GlobalWebIndex found that e-commerce rates in Indonesia are among the highest in the world, with three-fourths of Indonesian Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 buying online at least once per month. With online brand visibility […]

Assessing Indonesia’s Digital Achilles Heel

Towards the end of 2019, Indonesia completed the Palapa Ring project, which sought to provide 4G internet access throughout the country. A massive endeavor costing US$1.5 billion, the project involved 35 thousand km of fiber optic sea cables and 21 thousand km of land cables. It stretched from Sabang in the west to Merauke in […]

A Digital Outlook: How Will Indonesia’s Consumer Goods Market Fair?

As the fourth most populous country and fifteenth largest in land area on the planet, Indonesia’s economy and its hunger for consumer goods was poised to rapidly expand, especially digitally. In fact, the future of its online economy looked increasingly bright and primed for growth, ready to follow China and others into the Internet’s consumer […]