Don’t waste your money on outdated link building tactics that cause you nothing but hassle. With blogger outreach, you get right to the heart of your work and promote your content in a proper and powerful way. 

Manual outreach, 100% white hat, and full transparency.

Link building is one of the major core aspects that search engines use to rank a page; without it, there would be no ranking, no matter how good your content is.

Sadly, this approach has been drawing in spammers for years; we’ve seen times when the black hat reigned supreme and then the grey hat, and now we’re almost at a point where the white hat is in the front position. However, the trick is always the same: cheating your way through the system to get links so you can rank better.

Fortunately, Google is getting smarter, and lots of resources have been integrated to identify bad links, so it’s not as easy as it used to be.

Put simply, if you build links for the sake of ranking, your focus is all wrong, and it’s just not worth going down that route. Google will eventually catch up with you.

Instead, shift your focus: think about promoting your work rather than building links just to rank better.

Let’s say you build amazing content that adds value to readers. If you naturally promote it with outreach, people will absolutely want to link to it anyway.

This approach favors quality over quantity and means that you are working with Google rather than trying to figure out how to do the opposite.

It means that you can support Google by serving its users and filling the web with useful content, and at the same time, you can reach your target audience.

Read on to learn more about how we build links through outreach.

Alternatively, take action and schedule a call with us today. We will build you a bespoke ranking strategy that puts your customer above an algorithm.

The 5-step formula for building quality links


Pick the right strategy

Picking the right strategy for your needs is key to a successful campaign. Before we start, we work on finding the perfect strategy that is best for you. It could be skyscraping, link exchanges, university link listings, etc. There are many strategies that we can use, and we can even blend them to achieve a higher conversion rate.


Find the right prospects

Blogger outreach is like sales. Prospecting is just, in this case, the art of finding the dream 100 bloggers whom you want to work with. Next, we take a rigorous approach of studying their respective blogs, analyzing the type of content they like, following their every move on social media, and, of course, building that all-important rapport to nurture their interest in you and your work.


Find the right value offering

Nothing in this world is free, and that also applies to link building. It makes no sense for a blogger to spend their time opening your email, reading its content, providing changes and feedback, and setting it up for publishing all for free.

This is where you need to have a value offering that incentivizes them to use their time to support your work. This can be quality content, a link exchange, or even money.

Paying for their time is not a bribe; it’s simply about showing your appreciation for their time and effort.


Craft the right pitch

The pitch is the art of sending a personalized email that is well researched and thoughtful. You should also get their attention by identifying a gap in their content, a gap that you could help them with. Then, just back this up by offering a high-value incentive, leaving your chosen blogger with no other option but to consider collaborating with you.

Conversely, if you don’t give it the necessary personal touch or in-depth research, that relationship is over before it’s even begun.


Send the right follow-ups

If you run a successful blog, you will know that not only do thousands of emails trickle in each and every day but that most of those emails also all look the same. In fact, a large percentage just go straight into your spam folder.

So, if you’re sending that all-important email to someone else, what you need are follow-ups; you should bring the attention back to your original email and encourage them to open it.

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Client's Feedback

Building quality links is what we do best; we’ve been doing it for so long that we know the ins and outs of what works and what just doesn’t. We’ve partnered with all kinds of industries, from IT and technology to healthcare and education.


This strategy by itself can save you endless time and money and fast-track you to the holy grail of SEO.

Step 1
Step 1

Business Evaluation

We will start by asking you just a few basic questions to better understand your business and see if we are aligned in the type of links to target.

Our policy is strict, and we never compromise our standards; if you’re looking for cheap ways to buy links, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

Step 2
Step 2

Competitors analysis

After we evaluate your business and figure out how your key competitors work, we will build our strategy based on what will be best for you and your requirements. This in-depth analysis allows us to see behind the curtain and actually analyze the type of content used and how people are linking to it.

Step 3
Step 3

Goals Setting and KPIs

Setting goals to define the roadmap is pivotal to the success of a campaign. During the call, we will go over the number of links you can expect, the outcome, and what we can help you achieve in your campaign’s lifecycle.

Step 4
Step 4

Blogger Outreach Strategy

There are many types of strategy; some will work, and some will not. In this step, we lay down the foundations of the strategy and customize it to fit your end goals.

Step 5
Step 5

Action Plan and Pricing

Once we have guided you through all the steps, you’ll lastly just need to refine your action plan according to your desires as well as the time allocations, project breakdown, and that crucial figure of what it will cost you.

Our prices are affordable and tailored to the needs of small but growing businesses like yours. We have 3 different packages to give you complete flexibility and full transparency, and the pricing is a pay-per-link model; this means you only end up paying for actual results.

Stop buying links from over-used lists

The boundaries are so blurred these days that you often won’t even know what kind of links you will be getting from your chosen link builder or SEO agency.

90% of the time, they will end up using shady tactics that utilize link farms or will simply buy links from shared lists at low costs.

Don’t fall for the scammers.

Anyone who offers you zero transparency, hides the links, and gives you useless reports is a scammer.

We firmly believe that link building is a cumulative effort of manually prospecting leads, finding the right topics, and sending personalized emails; there is no other way.

What are bad link building tactics?

1. Buying links from link farms and common lists

There is a huge difference between paying for your prospect’s time in reviewing your content and providing you with feedback and simply buying links directly.

Time equals money, and most of the time, if the blogger values quality work, they won’t even ask for your money. However, in rare cases, they might just ask you to cover their admin fees, but that’s worth it to put you at the head of the line.

The alternative is buying directly. This is purely transactional and gives no importance to content, and there also won’t be a review process.

This strategy will just create a site that exists to sell links. These kinds of tactics are bad and will only cause you problems with Google.

2. Using private blog networks that look like legit sites

If you reached out to a blogger to buy links, and they send you a long list of other sites they own, then you’ve come across a link farm.

Links farms are collections of blogs owned by the same person.

In the old days, they just used to hide these farms and publish content with spammy links, but nowadays, everything is on show. However, the content is of higher quality, so much so that it can look almost like a real blog, but they still sell links and build links to their money sites.

Be wary of those sites and learn how to spot them.

3. Overoptimizing the anchor text or using keyword-infused anchor text

If you care only about getting links, you will end up over-optimizing and forcing your keywords inside the anchor text, and this will be really obvious to your prospects.

This just isn’t the way to go. Anchor text should be natural; it needs to offer something that appeals to your audience.

4. Low-quality content that looks random or is copied without proper research

If your goal is to build links only, you will sacrifice quality and end up providing badly written content, and you’ll just end up blending in with the crowd.

Avoid all that, and do it the right way.

Why work with us

Here are a few reasons:

We are not your average link building agency

Instead of focusing on links, we focus on content quality, meaningful connections, and blogger relations. We treat this as if we are doing influencer marketing infused with sales, nothing more, nothing less.

We offer full transparency.

Everything we do will be shared with you. We treat every client as a partner, and we are together in this. You will know everything we do with the outreach campaigns, the emails sent, the prospect lists, the templates, campaigns success rate.

We go beyond Link building.

We care about your end goals as much as you do. Link building is one part of the puzzle, and focusing only on that won’t get you there. And, because we are a sales-driven agency that hungry for success, we will always find ways to add value that fall beyond just links.

Flexible pricing and guaranteed results

You will only pay for results. All our prices are based on pay per link model. That means all the hours we put into the campaigns mean nothing if we don’t get you the authority links we agreed on to deliver.

The 5 pillars of lead generating

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Link building is right to push your ranking and increase your site authority, but it won’t get you there by itself. You need CONTENT and a reliable platform designed to convert traffic into sales.