CASE STUDY: 179.01% increase in traffic in just three months

Incify Team

Incify Team

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This case study will look at many businesses’ scenarios when they need SEO but have no idea where to begin or what to anticipate.

OnlyDinosaours manufactures realistic dinosaurs costumes for all types of events, and like many businesses, most of their marketing is done in-house. Their goal is to get more traffic to their best-selling category.

Their buying cycle is long and often involves back and forth conversations with the prospects, answering questions via emails, and then a meeting before the deal is closed.

Domain overview. SEMrush


  • Slow traffic growth
  • There is no visibility on an essential category, “Dinosaurs costumes,” as most of the keywords are on pages 7-10 (no one goes there looking for answers). 
  • Low conversion rate from organic traffic (most leads are not qualified).
  • No sales pipeline and no alignment between marketing & sales.


  • Running a full web assessment to understand the core issues.
  • Setting up the proper foundation by fixing all the technical issues.
  • Total revamp of the category and product pages to include valuable content and easy flow to conversion points. 
  • Running outreach campaigns to relevant sites to acquire quality backlinks for the targeted pages. 
  • Setting up accurate data tracking using GTM/GA4 and Mouseflow (to understand user behavior before converting)
  • Setting up marketing automation with ActiveCamapign to align sales with marketing using an advanced scoring system and nurture campaigns. 

Let me explain the solution in more detail.

We always start with an assessment before taking any project, especially if the main goal is to increase traffic with inbound marketing (Content/SEO).

The assessment is a lengthy audit covering technical, content, keywords & visibility, user experience, data tracking, backlinks, sales process, competitive analysis, and a 12-month strategy.

With the web assessment, we can know what’s wrong and fix it with a detailed roadmap of the next 6-12 months.

The assessment covers eight major areas, SEO and every channel, inbound & outbound. You can see from the screenshot above; we scored each area based on the assessment finding.

If you’re curious about our web assessments, request access to a live sample from here, and I will send you a copy. It’s a 65 slide of actionable insights and all the files needed for the implementation phase.

Once the assessment is done, it typically takes about 2-3 weeks; we move into implementation.

For this client, we decided to concentrate on SEO for one segment that we’re targeting, backed by marketing automation and UX/UI, to improve the conversion rate from organic to add to quote in the category and product pages.

Our goal was to increase the traffic growth and push the most targeted keywords to page 1 with the first three months.

The first step was to fix all the technical issues that blocked the bots from reaching the pages, and then we shifted toward revamping the website to make the pages more valuable to visitors.

From there, we moved into marketing automation and data tracking.

We set up ActiveCampaign with lead scoring, autoresponder automation and activated the sales pipeline to align marketing with sales.

The beauty of this is that when a prospect engages with the content, their score point is built up, the sales team gets notified, or a specific campaign will be triggered with an offer.

It also provides additional data on an individual level to give the sales rep an advantage to support them during the calls.

ActiveCampaign site tracking provides additional details on what page they visited and how they engaged with the content providing powerful insights for the sales rep.

Then we set up measurable KPIs, accurate tracking with GTM/GA4, and built reporting dashboards for the stakeholders and the marketing team with AgencyAnalaytics.

We track and report only on essential metrics like Traffic growth MoM, QoQ, and # of conversions and keywords movements.

On the side, we launched multiple outreach campaigns targeting relevant sites to build up authority and to push the targeted pages up.

We have done that with Pitchbox and customized outreach templates

, and that is just the beginning of what we’re planning to do for the next few months.


179.01% increase in organic traffic since we started in September, 2021.

Screenshot from GA3

Organic traffic was our main goal for the first three months.

Another way to check the performance of the campaigns is from Google Search Console (GSC), the source itself, where we can get additional insights like clicks, impressions, and average position movement.

  • Total click is increased from 10.7k to 33.2k (GSC)
  • Total impressions increased from 632k to 2m 
  • Average position has increased from 20 to 14.6 (all keywords are moving close to page 1)
  • 85% of the keywords target are achaived (all moved to page 1).
Google search console (GSC) results show high growth in clicks, impressions, and average positions.

Not only that, but we revamped a significant section of the sites so that the pages are more valuable and provide a better user experience.

425% increase in leads (request a quote)

Leads from organic increased by 425% (63 vs. 12) when comparing Q4 vs. Q3 2021. (Source: GA4)

When you target the right keywords and focus on the users, your organic traffic will grow, but it will generate massive numbers of leads from people looking for your services or products.

If you want similar results, schedule a call with me RIGHT now, and I guarantee that I will 10x your traffic & leads:

So don’t waste your time; every second counts!

If you have concerns, doubts about this, let me give you a free web assessment (worth $2000), and it will change your mind: free, no obligation, no sales pitch, only pure value and insights.

All you need to do is go to this page and fill the form to be listed on our waitlist (only four seats available per month, hurry!)

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