CASE STUDY: 3820% increase in traffic in 2 years

Incify Team

Incify Team

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This case study will talk about an e-commerce story that turned successful.

Traffic grows from 1.17k/mo to 46.02k/mo in less than two years.

The main villain of this story was a penalty from Google (due to spammy links and lousy SEO practice for years) and a lack of a user-centric strategy that put the users before the algorithm.

Yoyoink is an ink supply e-commerce store that sells mainly on Amazon, but in the past few years, they shifted their focus toward their site since amazon took a lot of their profit.

Domain overview. SEMrush


  • No traffic growth for years (since 2016 till 2019) 
  • The site was penalized by Google for building spammy links over the years
  • No keywords on page 1 (zero visibility) 
  • The conversion rate was below 0.01 (confusing navigation and bad user experience). 
  • They spend thousands of dollars on useless SEO.

Many businesses fall into the trap of bad SEO.

Agencies promise you something they can’t deliver, and they take advantage of your lack of knowledge in the topic to trick you with an endless cycle of short gain and permanent damage a year after.

Don’t fall into that trap.

The search engine algorithm is complex, and it is getting smarter

Limited budget often forces agencies or anyone doing SEO to try shortcuts, like building spammy links from PBNs farms to trick the algorithm. That is what happened here.

The client engaged with someone who promised them results, and back then, in 2016-2018, PBNs were popular, and businesses could still get short gains.


Eventually, there are two outcomes.

  1. A penalty that damages your site for a long time
  2. No penalty, but the site traffic will never grow and always be in decline

That happened here; the site was loaded with spammy links from years of bad practice.

That’s why for years, results were never good, continually declining or short gain that lasts for a few weeks and then gone!

Traffic growth graph from Ahref showing the before & after.

That was their metrics before we took them over. They were spending thousands on useless SEO that does more damage than good from 2016 and traffic never grown.


  • Auditing the website links and disavowing thousands of links to remove the penalty. We managed to disavow thousands of links within 3 months. 
  • Removing a significant portion of the site and revamping the product and category pages with 90% new design, more content, and a better user experience. 
  • Activating the blog to unlock the top of funnel content, increasing the traffic by 50% within three months. 
  • Internal linking all the targeted pages with other relevant pages, increasing the traffic flow and link count by 200%.
  • Running ongoing outreach campaigns that build more than 300 editorial links over two years. 
  • Setting up marketing automation with intelligent triggers and advanced lead scoring. 

As soon as we started disavowing the wrong links, we saw immediate results.

Between 2016-2019 the site was actively building PBNs links. Once we took over, we audited the backlink profile and disavowed all the bad links.

Soon after we disavowed the links, the traffic started to grow slowly. It took a year of slow growth (2019-2020) as it took time for Google to trust the site again.

On the other side, we kickstarted several outreach campaigns to build quality editorial links targeting the main domain.

We didn’t stop there.

We revamped the site, updated the categories’ products pages, and added more value than any competitor.

We also worked on improving the E-A-T score (about us page, adding more transparency, PR links, reviews).

We spend months studying competitors to find what works and why.

Eventually, we did solve the problem, and the results speak for themselves!

It was like a clogged waterfall; once we removed the obstacle, the traffic started flowing and constantly growing.


3820% increase in orgnaic traffic in two year (from 1.17k to 46.02k) 

Source: SEMrush

3.1k keywords pushed to page 1  

All targeted keywords were pushed to page 1, mostly long tail, high intent keywords.

It’s important to mention here that traffic is not the final destination.

It should never be the primary goal of any SEO campaign.

The end goal is to generate QUALIFIED leads or sales from organic channels

Not just any leads but QUALIFIED. From people who need your products and are actively looking for it

If your case is similar, you manage an e-commerce store and struggle to compete with the big players who were always dominating page 1, let’s talk!

Don’t waste your time with shortcuts and short gains.

SEO is a long-term plan; those who plan it carefully win big time.

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