CASE STUDY: 609.47% increase in organic traffic in 2 years

Incify Team

Incify Team

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in this case study, we will talk about a SaaS business struggling to grow its organic traffic and how we managed to put them on a growth trajectory with a 200% growth rate YoY.

Lecturo is a SaaS cloud-based education platform for a medical student with an intensive library of medical education videos. They’re based in Germany, but their target is global, focusing on the US market.

Domain overview. Source: SEMrush


  • Slow traffic growth for years
  • No blog or top of funnel content
  • Low conversion rate from organic traffic
  • None of the keywords from their primary category, “USMLE,” are on page 1.
  • No clear roadmap on how to build natural links

The solution

  • Restructuring the site to unlock a significant portion of the gated content (not indexed pages) so the pages can rank for keywords.
  • Adding a blog section with a focus on the top of funnel content.
  • Building linkable assets for the outreach campaigns
  • Fixing all the technical issues that can block the bots from crawling the site content.
  • Improving the internal links between the targeted categories.
  • Launching outreach campaigns to promote the content and to build up relationships with relevant education/health blogs.
  • Disavowing bad links to reduce the spam score.

We kept things consistent over the months.

The plan always includes content, backlinks, and technical at a progressive rate. Every three months, we update the strategy, audit the site and increase the effort.

The Results

It isn’t easy for a business at this level to compete in global markets with heavy competition to see a high growth rate above the 25-35% YoY. But, we managed to put them on a much higher traffic growth trajectory, above the 100% YoY.

609.47% increase in organic traffic in 2 years

Comparing the average monthly traffic in 2019 VS 2021. Traffic jumped from an average of 30k/mo to 300k/mo.

116.19% Increase in Traffic just 7 months

Looking through GA3, and with a shorter timeline (Apr – Nov 2021) VS (Apr – Nov 2020), traffic is doubling up YoY.

1600 keywords pushed to page 1, top 3 positions in 11 months

Screenshot from SEMrush keywords report. Top 3 Positions

One of the key metrics in measuring the success of SEO is to look for the page 1 ranking, especially the top 3 positions. If more keywords are added there every month, it means that the SEO is working.

The highest visibility is on the top 3 positions, after that its starts to decline, until page 2 where visibility drops to less than 10%.

100% of the targeted keywords are pushed to page 1

Keywords ranking. Source: SEMrush

Our target was two categories, USMLE and Nursing, and we managed to push most of the targeted keywords to page 1.


A healthy marketing strategy involves multiple channels focusing on inbound marketing, especially for a SaaS like in this case study.

Inbound marketing can increase brand awareness, build trust with your audience, increase your authority with search engines, and it converts much better than any other channel.

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