How much would it cost you to hire a digital marketing agency?

Incify Team

Incify Team

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Some agencies charge different prices for their services; some are based on value and others on time.

Our pricing structure is straightforward: we charge $70 per hour, no matter what work we’re performing. So there are no hidden fees or anything like that.

This model allows us to give the customer the freedom of choice about where those hours are spent to allow our team to execute an impact-based strategy that aims to produce outcomes rather than vanity metrics.

To give you an example, let’s say that we allocated 60 hours/mo to grow your business ($4200/mo); we can utilize those 60 hours based on a strategy like this:

(Assuming we are focusing on organic growth and awareness at the early stages)

  • Month 1: Full utilization of website design, web page content writing, Data tracking, and advance integrations. 
  • Month 2: Full utilization of SEO to set up the proper foundation, optimize the pages, fixing technical issues.
  • Month 3: 30 hours allocation to marketing automation, 30 hours allocation to content writing.
  • Month 4: 30 hours allocation to link building, 30 hours allocation to content writing.
  • Month 5: 30 hours allocation to the paid advertisement, 30 hours allocation to cold emailing, and sales enablement.

This is one of several hybrid solutions we developed for some of our small-sized/startup customers who want more but have a restricted budget.

Another way of doing it is by putting more hours on the first two months to set things up, and then we switch to a retainer-based model to keep things going like building new content, launching backlinks campaigns, monitoring the site health, managing PPC campaigns.

That type of pricing gives you the freedom to relocate resources where your business needs the most. 


1. it’s perfect for startups who need many things, but their budget is limited. This way, you get to activate a multi-touch strategy with minimum spendings and test the water to understand your user behaviors and what works on them. 

2. Time-based strategy lets you choose what agency service fits your goals and budget best.

3. If your expectations aren’t met, the agency can be as adaptable as you expect it to be. If the agency fails to meet your expectations or requires additional resources, it has the option of allocating those hours where they are most beneficial to fulfill your objectives.

3. it’s perfect for long-term growth. Most businesses focus on immediate results like paid ads and neglect other channels, which can be risky to the business.

4. it’s perfect for scaling, you can start with fixed hours, and when the needs increase, you can always top up hours or reduce hours to keep your spending within a budget.


There is none; whatever the task you want us to do will be based on the hourly rate; if you want us to focus on one area only, we will tell you how many hours we need to do that and quote you accordingly.


Here are some examples of how many hours we usually charge per task:

  1. Web assessments: 10-30 hours 
  2. Link building: 3-4 hours per 1 editorial link 
  3. Website design (UX/UI): >40 hours (5-6 pages website)
  4. Website development: >60 hours (5-6 pages website) 
  5. ActiveCampaign setup & integration: 15-30 hours
  6. Marketing automatons (nurture campaigns and advance triggers): 15-30 hours
  7. Data tracking setup (GA4/GTM): 8-15 hours
  8. Landing page design & dev (Unbounce): 10 hours
  9. Keyword research: 10 hours
  10. Technical SEO: >30 hours (typical sites, not e-commerce)
  11. CRM setup (Pipedrive/Salesforce): 30 hours
  12. Cold emailing campaign: 30 hours
  13. Prospecting & data scrapping: TBD
  14. Hubspot setup/integration: 50 hours
  15. PPC audit: 5 hours
  16. PPC campaign set-up & launch: 20 hours
  17. Reporting setup – data studio: 20 hours 
  18. Facebook ads creative: TBD

You can get a better idea from checking our service pages. There are customized packages for each service and some start as low as $800/mo.

Get in touch with us now, and we’ll put you in the right direction!

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