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What is User-Centric SEO?

User-centric SEO is putting the user experience and content value before the algorithm, targeting every stage of the funnel, resulting in quality traffic and more conversions.

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INCIFY can help you with the following


Go beyond the algorithm with cutting-edge tactics!

Digital PR & Link building

Get mentions and links to boost your authority!

Local SEO

Reach your local audience and get more orders!

SEO Consulting

Guiding you and your team to 10x growth, step by step!

International SEO

Go global with multi-city targeting campaigns!

Ecommerce SEO

Get your products seen and grow your sales:

“Incify managed to push all of our targeted keywords to page 1 within 6 months”

Abby Kury, CEO of Brandripe

what to expect

360˚ SEO optimization

We will optimize all of your marketing assets using our unique user-centric approach.

What will we optimize or create (if needed)?

  • Website core pages (solutions/services) matched with high-intent keywords.
  • Top-of-funnel content to capture high-volume traffic (e.g., blog posts, YouTube videos, how-to guides).
  • 360˚ optimization (including technical, onsite, offsite).

Growing traffic

Your organic traffic will grow month after month generating leads and sales like a money-printing machine.


  • We will take care of the SEO from the beginning.
  • We will take care of your content and build your authority and voice.
  • We will constantly run traffic acquisition campaigns to bring qualified traffic to your doorstep.

More booking & orders

No matter what, our main goal is to get you more booking and MORE ORDERS fast, and turn your initial investment into profit.

Why is that important for you?

  • We are motivated by end results that often lead to a higher ROI.
  • We track every touchpoint no matter what, giving you accurate attribution.
  • We work quickly and efficiently to get you results in 90 days, no matter how complex the project setup.

Who is this solution for?

It’s for any business (startup or enterprise) that needs more visibility from the search engines to acquire organic traffic without the need to pay for ads.

It’s for you, if…

You WANT to achieve a higher ranking on essential keywords (top 3 positions can give you 30% of the traffic).

You WANT better visibility on your key content so that more users find it, consume it, and convert from it.

You WANT to reduce the spending on your PPC campaigns by ranking for competitive/expensive keywords.

You WANT to build a good impression with your target (higher visibility on Google = more trust in the brand).

Get a strategy, timeline, forcast and a team of true-experts

Let’s build you the top digital marketing program in your space (worth $2000, now for free)

how it works

Our SEO process is straight forward and easy to follow. Our team will work closely with you step by step until we achieve your goals within 90 days.

Step 1: Keyword analysis

First, we analyze the keywords you are interested in and what your target is using to find solutions like yours, then we look at your competitors’ rankings.

Step 2: keyword assignemnt

With keywords in hand, now we assign those keywords to the right pages to match the searcher intent. This step is the roadmap for the entire campaign.

Step 3: On-site SEO code optimization

We will fix every technical issue that might block Google from finding your content and optimize your page title and meta-descriptions. We will also look at advance SEO topics like, videos, sitemap, robot.txt, and more.

Step 4: Onsite content SEO

Our editorial team will take all the targeted keywords and develop your SEO content calendar with the highest quality, using a user-centric approach that puts your customers’ needs first.

Step 5: onsite intenral link optimization

Internal linking is a critical SEO component. In this step, we will restructure your site by internally linking your pages together so your site is user friendly, easy to navigate, and converts better.

Step 6: Advance search engine optimization and External linking

In this phase, we will do a final review of the technical structure and suggest advance forms of search engine optimization (our secret ranking technique). Also, we will start building external links with outreach to boost your site authority and improve your traffic metrics.

Do you want to see if our SEO solution fits?

We can offer you a FREE SEO audit (worth $2000) if you are eligible. Limited spots are available.

What success looks like

Hear the stories of incredible business growth and inbound marketing success.

Incify has driven our CPL down by 30%, allowing us to shift some of our marketing budget towards refining our software.”

Abby Kury, CEO

We achieved twice our annual target for 2020 and look forward to many more years with Incify

Stefan Merker, CMO

Incify always goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering the results I expected. My website traffic and leads have doubled.

Jeffery Wang, CEO

What does it cost?

Tpyical pricing may break down as follows:


1 month

  • A clear, user-centric strategy focused on the 20% that drives 80% of the value for users.
  • You will know what works for your competitors
  • You will know the recipe (keywords, pain points, content plan, funnels).
  • One-on-one support from your coach and team.
  • A complete 6-month strategy with actionable insights.
  • Complete assessment that cover every aspect from technical to backlinks.
IDR 30,000,000
Free (limited spots)
Request free audit

Phase II: Implementation, content and links


  • Clear structure, and better website that Google can crawl and understand your site structure
  • Monthly link-building activities to boost your authority.
  • SEO content calendar (planning and writing) to rank you for more keywords
  • A/B testing to further increase your conversion rate across all channels.
  • Advance data tracking and action based reporting
  • One-on-one support from your coach and team
Start from IDR 10,000,000
Typical pricing per month
Get started >

*Final pricing will be provided after the assessment call. We need to assess where you stand now, where you want to be in the next three years, and your budget.

Get a team of experts who understand your goals and deliver results

We’re fast, efficient, transparent, and affordable for most businesses. Add us to your arsenal, and let’s smash it!

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why incify?

  • We only care about one thing—getting you more sales.
  • We target the 20% of the tasks that deliver 80% of the results (saving you lots of money and unnecessary spending).
  • We don’t promise anything that we can’t deliver, our results guarantee is rock-solid.
  • We practice what we preach—the strategy is proven and tested on our business.
  • We’re a global company with multi-national brand experience.
  • We’re affordable for most businesses.

Let’s give you a free assessment (it will come with strategy, and you will know how we operate, and its totally free, with no sales pitch, only value without any obligation).


Find how did we managed to grow startups revenue with user-centric marketing and real SEO that deliver revenue not just ranking!

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO in simple terms is optimizing your content visibility so it shows at the top on search engines. Searchers rarely go to page 2 to find answers, and they often pick from the top five positions. By doing an SEO to your best content, you ensure that it shows first and ahead of your competitors to capture traffic that can potentially lead to a conversion.

SEO success depend on four pillars: technical, content, user experience, and authority. To ensure that it works:

  1. We start first with an audit (imagine a doctor doing a health check, tests, and evaluation before a major surgery).
  2. After that, we fix the technical stuff (so that the search engines can read and crawl your site).
  3. Then we improve the user experience to enable your site to convert traffic (the user experience is very important and can severely impact results).
  4. After that, we optimize your old content and build a content plan (SEO is all about producing valuable & shareable content).
  5. The last step is promoting your content with outreach campaigns (link building) and building your authority with PR links so that your site content is trusted by the search engines.

That always works, and we have never had a client who did that and didn’t get results. When you put more effort into the quality of the content and think beyond the algorithm and more about your users and what matters to them, results are guaranteed because that’s what Google (or any search engine) wants.

However, if you try to trick the system and focus on the algorithm and not the users, the results will be short-lived and lead nowhere.

Reports can be broken down into two types:

  1. Stakeholders’ report: Top-level report focusing on what matters (traffic coming to the site from organic channels, and how that traffic converts into leads/sales).
  2. Analysis report: Detailed report focusing on vanity metrics such as ranking movement, authority metrics, engagement with the site and content, user behavior after the first visit, and trends in search behavior. That type of report is helpful to the team working on that account, since that data can be used to optimize the strategy so that it’s more aligned with the users.

We report bi-weekly and monthly. Every client will have access to a custom dashboard that has all the important metrics, and our team will deliver bi-weekly analyses and updates. We also invite our clients to Asana, where they can see the progress live and what we are working on with full transparency.

SEO consulting is advising a business on what works and what does not. Let’s say you have a team that is doing SEO, but the results are not as expected. By inviting a consultant to audit your business SEO, that consultant can work with your team and develop a better strategy that can deliver results.

We offer consultancy service—ask us about it!

SEO is all about producing valuable content, and every type of content can be integrated with social media to maximize its impact.

All of our content plans come with a social media strategy tailored to each channel. For example, let’s say we produced a long form valuable content for the blog, from that same content, we can create several social media campaigns to promote that content delivering twice the impact.

Social media campaigns can boost SEO, since they send signals to the algorithm that the content is shared and liked. It’s all part of the algorithm.

SEO is constantly evolving around the concept of user first, and Google’s (or any search engine’s) main mission is to ensure that searchers find the best content possible that answers all of their questions within seconds.

Here are some of the trends that we expect in 2022:

  1. AI will keep evolving, and the algorithm will keep getting smarter (it would be impossible to get results without producing quality content and acquiring authoritative links).
  2. The user experience will continue to be the big domino effect in 2022. If your site is unable to convert traffic, and your site visitors are going back to searching, that will impact your ranking.
  3. Content quality will be the main focus of the algorithm. Businesses that produce mediocre content just for rankings will lose their ground.
  4. Effective SEO strategy needs to include videos. Adding videos to the content can increase the rankings, and that trend will continue in 2022.
  5. Buying links won’t work anymore. We see this happening over and over, with every update. At some point, Google will be able to distinguish between a good site that follows Google’s guidelines when it come to links and one that does A better way is to produce linkable, shareable assets that are able to attract links naturally.

International SEO is for businesses that sell globally in multiple locations and need better visibility in each local market. It often requires a local and targeted strategy to tackle each market. The content should be tailored to address a specific region, but still be under the same domain.

Local SEO is for businesses that serve local communities, often small cities or those selling products to geo-targeted locations. A dentist, a local photographer, a barista shop, or a barber are all examples of businesses that can benefit from local SEO.

An SEO company’s main purpose is to help businesses with their content visibility so that more customers are able to discover their services and products. Often, agencies offer SEO solutions to their clients as part of an integrated inbound marketing strategy.

Even if you have the best service or the best product, what good is that if no one can discover it?

Without SEO, your marketing choices are limited: your only option is paid advertisement, and that is not sustainable and can bleed your budget. With SEO, people can discover you naturally, and they trust those businesses that show first, not those that run ads.

Depends on your business nature, scale, and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you are a global brand with multiple locations, you will need a bigger team, more resources, and lots of effort to get results, and therefore, it can cost more. If you are a local business with a simple site, and your audience is not complicated, you might need few hours a month to get results, so it can cost less.

We have three standard packages starting from $1200/mo that fit the majority of clients, and if you need something different, we can customize a package for you.

If you have a new site, it will take at least a year to see results. It depends on the industry and your competition, but don’t expect immediate results, as no one can promise that.

It make no sense for Google to take a new site that is without any authority or history and put it above those who been doing it for years and producing quality content and gaining links and trust. Every new site needs to go through the process of proving themselves worthy, which can take years.

If you’re an established brand with a long history (or been around for more than three years) but your site is old and rusty and your content is not as good as those showing on page 1, you can see good results in three to six months after starting the SEO program.

We are an honest, transparent agency, and we know how to get things done. Unlike other agencies who promise you the world to get into your pocket, we will be dead honest and tell you upfront if we can do it or not. If we say we can, we guarantee results, or we work for free until you get results. That is our promise to you.

Don’t wait. If you have read until this point, give us a call, and let’s evaluate your site SEO and put you on the right track. You’re a click away from the best strategy that will guarantee your place at the top of the Google rankings, and it can be all for free (worth $2000)! All you need to do is to click here and fill out this form!

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