We match the top local influencers with relevant and exciting products to produce impactful social media campaigns.

Influencer marketing is one of our supportive services, and we deliver that just like how we deliver paid advertisement campaigns.

We offer two types of campaigns:

  • Pay Per Impression: Affordable for most businesses, and we often assign multiple influencers per campaign for maximum reach. 

  • Pay Per Post: Custom pricing based on influencers rate cards, and we charge a management fee.  

How Do We Do Influencer Marketing


Understanding the product

Just like Matchmaking, the first step is always to research and highlight the best qualities that might make your product attractive to influencers. 

We try to understand your product, what pain points it solves for your customers, and how it fits with the lifestyle of the target audience. 


Developing a strategy or evaluating an existing one

Once we develop a strong understanding of your product and hack into the consumers’ mindset, we put ourselves on the consumers’ path to purchase and build our strategy around that. 

During this process, we will look into your existing funnels and evaluate the user experience. We might suggest changes or rebuild unique funnels for the campaigns with trackable data points.


Agree on goals and metrics

Goals and metrics set your campaigns on the right path. Without knowing what to measure, how will you know if the campaigns have performed well or not? 

At this step, we look at the metrics that match your objectives and set our reporting and data tracking around that. 


Starting the outreach process

A complete manual process of prospecting, emailing, negotiating, and agreeing on terms.

Outreach is a manual process that involves prospecting, analyzing prospects metrics, developing custom pitches, negotiating, and agree on terms.


Presenting candidates for approval

After our outreach campaigns, we usually end up with multiple suitable candidates. We present them to our clients with metrics, prices, and campaigns ideas. 

Once the influencers are approved, we move into production. 


Launching the campaigns

At this stage, we already have a strategy in place, plus influencers to work with. Next comes planning the creatives, ideas, and timing and how they will all be integrated with other assets, channels, etc. 

The goal is to genuinely introduce the products to the influencers’ audiences and highlight the benefits and impacts on their lives.


Report, learn, and repeat

The process continues and is never-ending. With each campaign, we learn something new. Not all influencers will deliver results. It’s critical to measure, learn, and change influencers if they don’t deliver results or engagement. 



Check out our influencer marketing toolkit and get a free budget calculator, influencer posting guide, campaign performance tracker, pricing guidelines for the Indonesian market, and much more!

Type of campaigns

Pay Per Impression

impression-based Campaigns (Just like display ads), affordable for most businesses, often involve a dozen of influencers per campaign.

What is pay per impression?

Pay Per Post

Advance campaigns and often involve working with known and established influencers (Known Micro/Macro). Pricing is based on the influencer's rate card and guidelines.

What is pay per post?

Harness the power of word of mouth

Influencers marketing is the most demanded channel in Indoneisa. Don’t waste any more time and start your campaign today

Why work with us

1. We are not your average agency. Instead of focusing on engagement, likes, and shares, we focus on sales.

Because of that our entire strategy and every action we take is designed to create an impact on sales.

2. We focus on cutting through the noise, and right to what works.

This mindset reduces wasted time, lowers your costs and delivers 10 times better results.

3. We don’t look at influencer marketing as a stand-alone service, it’s part of an integrated solution with multiple facets that can impact your other channels as well. We take every step necessary to leverage on that.

4. We don’t take every client. We only work with products that resonate with us and our values. If we love your product, so will our influencers and we will know how to promote it better – genuinely and from the heart because we believe it will benefit consumers.

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Step 1
Step 1

Business Evaluation

We will start by asking you a few basic questions to better understand your product and see if we are the right fit to work with you. 

Step 2
Step 2


At this stage we take the information provided on step 1, and evaluate your products, and develop few personas of who might be a good fit to promote your products

Step 3
Step 3

Goals Setting and KPIs

After we evaluate your business and figure who might be the right fit, we will define the campaigns goals, the metrics to track and set the expectations.

Step 4
Step 4


In this step, we will setup the campaigns, prepare the briefs and all the required assets before we proceed to contacting the influencers to launch the campaign.  

Step 5
Step 5

contract signing & campaign launch

Once the campaign is approved, the last step is signing the contract, and officially launching the first campaign 

What are you waiting for?

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Yes, we serve clients from all over the world. We work with remote talents from the US, UK, Singapore, and Indonesia and agency partners from every country. No matter where your business is located or what audience you target, we can run and manage your influencers marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing uses individuals with a sizable audience to promote a product to their network of followers.

Brands or any business that sells products to consumers. Influencer marketing campaigns can be used as a stand-alone campaign to build awareness or as a supporting campaign.

The preferable media is Instagram/Facebook, youtube, Pinterest. TikTok, and any social media channel.

We offer two types of pricing models, a pay per impression and pay per post.

Pay Per Impression is more affordable, and we can use dozen of influencers in one campaign.

Pay Per Post: A high-end option that demands more planning and effort to make it work; hence the price is higher. Also, with this type of campaign, the price is set by the influencer’s rate cards

Yes, that what we do. If, for example, you are launching a new product, influencer marketing can be part of the awareness strategy mix as a supporting campaign.

It can also be integrated with your sale funnels. An influencer marketing campaign can help generate traffic to your funnel pages.

No. We don’t accept compensating influencers with products or gifts.

Influencers are professionals. Their time in creating the post, planning the content, and finding ways to recommend it naturally to their audience takes time and effort, and they should be compensated by a fee, not products or gifts.

Influencers retain the rights to their content.

Depends on your campaign objective and goals. If your goal is awareness and you want your products to be seen or discovered by many people, impressions metrics work better.

If your goal is sales or tangible results that you can measure, engagement is a better option.