We match the top local influencers with relevant and exciting products to produce impactful social media campaigns.

Influencer marketing is the art of connecting your brand with passionate influencers who genuinely try your products and promote them on their social networks.

The secret to acing that channel is to connect your products to the right micro influencer and tie it to a sales funnel that is both measurable and trackable.

Our influencer marketing campaigns are not your typical consultancy service; we go far and beyond this with an integrated solution that leverages the right influencer and the right platform with one goal in mind: sales. That’s the one thing that matters – sales.


*This service is currently available only for the Indonesian market

How We Do Influencer Marketing In The Indonesian Market


Diving deep into the product

Before we start a campaign, we make sure we love the product first. If it’s the right fit we build a complete strategy around the product that will take it to a welcoming market.

Indonesians’ number 1 motivation to buy comes from word of mouth, and they don’t make a purchase unless they truly love the product. At this stage we dig deep into your product to discover what makes it special and what we can leverage to impact sales.


Finding the right strategy

Influencer marketing is not something that happens at random; it needs careful planning to identify the market potential of your product and the word-of-mouth strategy that will work best.

At this stage we study the market, the product and the competition, and develop a clear roadmap for the campaign.


Finding the right influencers

Finding the right fit makes all the difference. Our metrics are hard KPIs. We don’t look at engagement metrics, we only care about leads, sales and hard conversions. For that we need to find the right influencer who knows how to engage with their audience.


Building the right platform

Influencer marketing has the potential to generate qualified traffic from word of mouth, but if that traffic is led to a confusing website or badly designed sales pages where the purchase process is long and complicated, you will lose that opportunity.

In this phase of the project we make sure that we have the right funnel for that traffic, so that with one click they land on a page where they can buy within 60 seconds.

90% - Always on until you go viral
90% - Always on until you go viral

A/B Tests every single step

Not every campaign end in massive success, but when we run multiple campaigns and optimise every step based on the engagement metrics, we can create a viral campaign.

At this stage we use data science to measure engagement metrics and learn from audience behaviour.

Client's Feedback

Over the years, we’ve been privileged enough to work with many fantastic small businesses all over the world. We’ve helped them build a sustainable system that not only works in generating leads but also in growing their businesses year-on-year.


This strategy by itself can save you time and money, and lead you straight to the right influencers with maximum ROI, guaranteed.  

Step 1
Step 1

Business Evaluation

We will start by asking you a few basic questions to better understand your product and see if we are the right fit to work with you. This step is required before scheduling a meeting. Once you click the button below, you will be directed to a page where you can complete our influencer marketing business evaluation questionnaire.

Step 2
Step 2

Competitors analysis

At this point we look at similar products and assess how they performed with influencer marketing. We might learn a few things that can help us in defining a better strategy for you.

Step 3
Step 3

Goals Setting and KPIs

Without a clear vision of where you want to take your product with word of mouth the campaign will not perform well. After we evaluate your business and figure out how your key competitors work, we will guide you in defining those all-important goals and spot-on KPIs.

Unlike other agencies who focus on useless metrics like engagement rates, likes and shares, we look at sales and hard KPIs. We want to know if the campaign will generate a certain amount of revenue for your business, and we only care about that.

Step 4
Step 4


The strategy is fundamental to joining up all those loose ends. In this step, we will help you select an integrated strategy that leverages the right influencers and connects the traffic generated to sales funnels designed to capture and convert traffic into sales.

Step 5
Step 5

Action Plan and Pricing

Once we have revealed all the steps, you’ll just need to refine your action plan, time allocations, project breakdown, and the all-important matter of what it will cost you. You should know that our prices are affordable and tailored to the needs of small businesses. 

Stop burning your hard-earned money on useless influencer marketing campaigns that report only on engagement metrics.

The fatal mistake businesses often make is to put all their money into one channel such as influencer marketing without thinking about what comes next.

Have you thought of what will happen after you send your products to the influencers and you kick start that campaign?

How will they fit in your funnel, and how can you leverage this to maximise your ROI?

Most agencies fail at this because they focus only on running the campaigns and taking your money. Don’t fall into that trap.

Use this channel the right way and leverage it to empower your other marketing channels. The potential of influencer marketing is unreal – it can explode your business revenue in a very short time.

Don’t waste more money; schedule a call with us today at the link below. 

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Why work with us

1- We are not your average agency. Instead of focusing on engagement, likes, and shares, we focus on sales.

Because of that our entire strategy and every action we take is designed to create an impact on sales.

2- We focus on cutting through the noise, and right to what works.

This mindset reduces wasted time, lowers your costs and delivers 10 times better results.

3- We don’t look at influencer marketing as a stand-alone service, it’s part of an integrated solution with multiple facets that can impact your other channels as well. We take every step necessary to leverage on that.

4- We don’t take every client. We only work with products that resonate with us and our values. If we love your product, so will our influencers and we will know how to promote it better – genuinely and from the heart because we believe it will benefit consumers.

Brands experience 

looking for a more complete solution?


influencers Marketing is good for short term strategy only and it can easily lose its magic if it didn’t go viral. But if you combine it with a long term strategy and find a place for it in your funnel, it can last forever.