ppc managment

Turn your paid advertisements into profit in your pocket

We launch data driven PPC campaigns that turn $1 into $3 with catchy headlines, strong offers, and matching landing pages.

What makes our PPC management better?

We look beyond paid advertisements. We start from the source— your target audience’s needs, desires, and motives, backed by data-driven decisions and precise testing until we triple your initial investment.

Ready to turn your advertisement into profitable ROAS?

INCIFY PPC management services includes:

Paid Media

Paid placement, such as pay-per-click advertising, branded content, and display ads.


Build brand awareness with your audience where they feel most comfortable.

Google adwords

Be the first choice when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google and Maps.


Recapture lost visits by targeting those who visited your site.


Be the first choice when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Bing and Maps.

Facebook advertisment

Capture traffic from the biggest social media channels, Facebook & Instagram.

“In 6 months since starting with Incify, our ROI is up by 100% and CPL dropped by 30%”

Abby Kury, CEO of BrandRipe

What you can expect from your PPC campaigns

smart Targeting

This is a data-driven strategy that is designed to deliver your ads to the right people at the right time. We use advanced tactics that are backed by research, audience behaviors, and historical data to intercept your target at the right time.


We launch integrated campaigns, targeting the entire journey and covering multiple touch-points, as a stand alone paid advertisement campaign or as a supportive campaign with accurate attribution models. (You will know which channel did what, even if the contribution is small.)

3:1 ROAS

You can expect a 3:1 return on investment. We promise that for every dollar you spend on ads, we will make sure that you get 3 times the initial investment in value. Our team of experts will work day and night until we get you to that ratio.

Who is this solution for?

It’s for any business (startup or enterprise) that needs pay-per-click qualified traffic by advertising on search and social media channels.

It’s for you if…

You WANT immediate traffic to your landing page from potential buyers.

You WANT to influence your buyers to consider your services/products via awareness campaigns.

You WANT to recapture website visits with remarking ads .

You WANT to optimize your current PPC campaigns so they are more profitable (better ROAS) .

Get a strategy, timeline, forcast and a team of true-experts

Let’s build you the top digital marketing program in your space (worth $2000, now for free)

how it works

All of our pay-per-click managers are data driven experts. They are Google Adwords certified with a strong background in solving complex problem. We can run pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns for any type of businesses

Step 1: Define Performance Goals and Review Historical Data

Everything we do at Incify is tied to delivering a positive return on investment, especially when it come to pay-per-click. The first step in our process is to define your goals, audit your account to review the historical data, and build the best plan for your business.

Auditing the historical data allows us to learn from past mistakes and campaign performance, such as cost per click, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, and revenue

Step 2: Implement Tracking

Data tracking is critical to the success of a campaign. Without data and A/B tests, the performance will remain the same and won’t improve. That’s why we take every step necessary to set up advanced tracking options by utilizing GTM and the power of GA4.

Every one of our team members are Google analytics certified and are capable of setting up a tracking code and in analyzing complex data.

Step 3: Build Keywords & Targeting

Pay-per-click is all about bidding on keywords. It is an auction where everyone can bid on a click, which is why we spend a great deal of time finding the right keywords and targeting.

Bidding on the wrong keywords can cost you thousands of dollars, and we don’t want that. In this step, we either refine your account by removing and adding keywords or we build a new one from scratch. Our primary objective is to maximize each bid in your campaign. Every dollar counts!

Step 4: Develop Ad Copy & Creative

The one thing that can win a pay-per-click bid is your copy and creative. The copy is your unique messaging and the creative is what grab your audience’s attention. At Incify, our team of experts will ensure your copy is the best-in-class and is able to deliver quality traffic to your landing pages.

Step 5: Optimize Landing Pages

A landing page is distraction free, clear, and concise. It is designed to be aligned with your copy messaging and creatives to deliver one thing— conversions!

Our team of data-driven and user-centric experts will build the best landing page for you and align it with your ads to maximize every visit and increase your chances of getting a conversion.

Step 6: Create Bidding Strategy, Monitor, Report & Refine

Bidding is an art form and it’s not at all simple. That’s why we use advanced software backed by our data-driven insights to ensure you are never overpaying. After the campaign is launched, the Incify team will monitor, report, and refine our strategy on a daily basis.

Do you want A FREE PPC audit?

We can offer you FREE PPC audit (Worth $1000) if you are eligible. Limited spots available

What success look like?

Hear the stories of incredible business growth and inbound marketing success.

Incify has driven our CPL down by 30%, allowing us to shift some of our marketing budget towards refining our software.”

Abby Kury, CEO

We achieved twice our annual target for 2020 and look forward to many more years with Incify

Stefan Merker, CMO

Incify always goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering the results I expected. My website traffic and leads have doubled.

Jeffery Wang, CEO

What does it cost?

Tpyical pricing may break down as follows:


Monthly Ad Spend < $1,999

  • Max campaigns: +5
  • Max Ad Groups: 20
  • Reporting: Monthly
  • Review call: Quarterly
Per Month Plus Ad Spend
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Monthly Ad Spend < $7,999

  • Max campaigns: +8
  • Max Ad Groups: 32
  • Reporting: Monthly
  • Review call: Monthly
  • Landing pages: 3
Per Month Plus Ad Spend
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Monthly Ad Spend > $8,000

  • Max Campaigns: Custom
  • Max Ad Groups: Custom
  • Reporting: Monthly
  • Review call: Monthly
  • Landing pages: Custom
  • Sales copywriting: Custom
  • Offers, funnels & automation: custom
Per Month Plus Ad Spend
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We provide all of our pay-per-click services with admin user access, Google Analytics integration, call and conversion tracking, a dedicated account manager, and several weekly performances and targetting improvements.

Get a team of experts who understand your goals and deliver results

We’re fast, efficient, transparent, and affordable for most businesses. Add us to your arsenal, and let’s smash it!

Not Convinced yet?

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why incify?

  • We only care about one thing—getting you more sales.
  • We target the 20% of the tasks that deliver 80% of the results (saving you lots of money and unnecessary spending).
  • We don’t promise anything that we can’t deliver, our results guarantee is rock-solid.
  • We practice what we preach—the strategy is proven and tested on our business.
  • We’re a global company with multi-national brand experience.
  • We’re affordable for most businesses.

Let’s give you a free assessment (it will come with strategy, and you will know how we operate, and its totally free, with no sales pitch, only value without any obligation).


No fluff or generic marketing content like you’ll find elsewhere. Only advanced stuff that will leave you with an ‘a-ha’ moment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-per-click advertising allows your business to place ads across the web or to bid on keywords and inquiries via search engines. It is an affordable way to promote your company by intercepting your target while they are looking for solutions. We want them to find you first, and eventually make a purchase or learn more about your brand.

PPC can be beneficial for any type of business, even local shops that ate in need of immediate traffic to their online store. However, PPC is paying per click and it can be very expensive if it’s not done correctly.

If your product LTV is worth a good amount of revenue, PPC can be a very lucrative option as well as an affordable marketing channel.

Imagine this scenario. You are selling a high ticket product or service with an LTV of $10,000. Would you pay $500 to win $10,000? It’s like having a winning a lottery ticket, so the answer is “Absolutely!”

However, if you are selling a $10 product with an LTV of $10, would you pay $20 to make $10? That does not make sense, right? In that case, you need to go for a bigger goal, such as selling 1000 of products that are worth $10 each. Then it would make sense for you to go big on ads.

A PPC campaign might not be a good fit for some businesses, especially those with a small budget and no funding. It can burn your cash like wild fire, and the frustration and fear of losing can cause you to make irrational decisions like switching multiple agencies within a short time.

PPC also takes time to work, so expect to lose money at the beginning as you learn about your audience and to try out several things before finding the one thing that works.

Once your campaign is set and launched, you can expect results immediately. That is the beauty of PPC. You can literally turn on a switch and you end up with sales after only a few minutes.

If your account is new, you can expect a low performance at the beginning until the campaign has gathered enough data to learn. Then with several tweaks and A/B tests, you can expect results after a few weeks (when the campaign stabilizes).

PPC is an art form, a science of its own, and not a magic button that you set and forget. It require testing, catchy creatives, matching landing pages, and a product messaging that touches hearts, evokes emotions, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you tried before and failed, it is simply because you haven’t found the right agency or the right formula yet. Try again and keep trying because it’s a magical door that can bring you sales and grow your business faster than any other channel.

We charge a monthly management fee of $1200 + commission fee of 30% on the total ad spend.

With accounts that are spending more than $50,000/Mo, we charge 15% with no monthly management fee.

Every business should advertise online. It’s the only way to acquire traffic fast. The other ways take too long and some businesses can’t survive the wait.

SEO takes 6 months to work and it’s a long-term plan. Not every business has the luxury to wait for it to work. Other channels take even longer. Only ads allow you to see immediate results.

Online advertisement works best with businesses with a high lifetime value.

The best approach is to do both. SEO is a long-term plan and it’s tied to your content plan. It can help boost your trust and awareness, and bring you traffic for free without the need to pay for each click.

PPC is a short term plan. The moment you stop the campaign, you lose your source of revenue and that can be devastating to any businesses.

Those who activate both PPC and SEO get the most out of a search engine.

If you are low on cash, and can afford the wait, SEO is a better option.

It’s included on the Run, Fly only. For landing pages, we use Unbounce only. A custom request is possible at separate quotes.

Landing pages are a necessary component of any successful PPC campaign. They work in tandem with persuasive sales copy, an offer, and a call to action that matches the traffic’s temperature; that is the secret sauce to produce a positive ROI.

We Assist Clients Wordwide