Get a beautiful WEBSITE that educates your audience and GETS YOU LEADS!

We build websites with a purpose: to attract qualified traffic, give a strong impression, and turn visitors into conversions.

What are User-Centric Websites?

A user-centric website is not just any website, it’s a full user experience that answers questions, leaves a strong impression, and guides traffic to conversion points.

Ready for a website that delivers experience and sales?

INCIFY Website Development Services

Logo creations/branding

Transform your ideas into into a timeless brand that captures the hearts of your audience.

Full website redeisgn

Update your old site into a functional, timeless masterpiece that converts ten times better.

Landing Page design

Get a landing page that converts traffic into leads and matches your PPC campaigns.

Social media creatives

Capture the hearts of your audience with creative, multi-channel social media campaigns.

Mobile first websites

Get a website designed to quickly capture mobile users and win them over.

Interactive content

Build content that engages your audience as an integral part of a dynamic, two-way experience.

“Incify turned out website into a lead magnet and it fully automated, optimized and track data”

Kevin, CMO of OnlyDinosaurs

What you can expect from your website

Easily editable modules

Your website should be built not only with your users in mind, but with your team in mind, as well.

Your website will be fully editable using a modular system, allowing you to easily update your content, create new pages, and change certain design elements.

Think of your new website as a building blocks that you can maintain and edit as needed, giving you complete control over your site’s pages.

Growing traffic

Your organic traffic will grow month after month, generating leads and sales like a money-printing machine.


We will take care of the SEO from the beginning.

We will take care of your content and build your authority and voice.

We will constantly run traffic acquisition campaigns to bring qualified traffic to your doorstep.

More booking & orders

No matter what, our main goal is to get you MORE bookings and MORE orders—FAST—and turn your initial investment into profit.

Why is that important for you?

  • We are motivated by end results that often lead to a higher ROI.
  • We track every touchpoint, no matter what, giving you accurate attribution.
  • We work quickly and efficiently to get results for you in 90 days, no matter how complex the project setup.

Who is this solution for?

It’s for any business (startup or enterprise) that needs a new website or is looking to revamp their existing one with a ten-times-better website that solves any problems at the foundation.

You WANT a website that converts traffic 200% more than the typical site does.

You WANT a website that ranks for keywords on its own, with a minimum of SEO maintenance effort.

You WANT a website and a sales funnel in one ecosystem that connects your buyers with marketing automation.

You WANT a website that delivers better messaging, answers questions, and makes an impact.

You WANT a website that tracks metrics and qualifies your leads for you with smart forms and lead scoring.

Get a strategy, timeline, forcast and a team of true-experts

Let’s build you the top digital marketing program in your space (worth $2000, now for free)

how it works

We have simplified our website projects using a different approach that empowers clients and gives them control over their websites. The process looks like this:

Step 1: Scope Project

First, we sit down with you to determine your goals and overall needs, and create a scope of work for the project. At this stage, we also do keyword research and a competitor analysis to help us establish a solid ground for the SEO before we develop the project.

Step 2: Create Wireframes

Our designers and development team will create a series of wireframes in Figma (UX/UI app) detailing every page of the site for review by the client. We start with a low-fidelity prototype to figure out the structure and user flow, then we move to a high-fidelity interactive mock-up.

Step 3: Confirm Design

Our team will present the wireframes to the client and make any revisions needed. The entire process is done live, where the client, developers, and the rest of the team are all in one space, minimizing both time and confusion.

Step 4: Develop Site

Once the wireframes have been approved, our development team will begin the website development process, keeping the client updated along the way. The final version of the developed site will look identical to the approved mock-ups.

Step 5: QA website

After the development is complete, our team of experts will go through each page and check for any errors or issues in functionality, making corrections as needed.

Step 6: Push site live

Once the website has been fully reviewed and approved by the client, we will push the site live.

Step 7: Setting up data tracking

After the site goes live, we will work on setting up GA4 (Google Analytics 4), GTM (Google Tag Manager) and GSC (Google Search Console) with measurable, accurate smart goals.

Step 8: Basic SEO

Every website we build comes with a basic SEO plan that covers the technical aspects, keywords, and page optimization. What’s the point of building a site that no one can find? That’s why we allocate some effort to setting the foundation before and after development.

Ready for a money-machine website?

Get a beautiful site that converts 100% more than your average site, designed by user-experience designers and conversion experts.

What success look like?

Hear the stories of incredible business growth and inbound marketing success.

Incify has driven our CPL down by 30%, allowing us to shift some of our marketing budget towards refining our software.”

Abby Kury, CEO

We achieved twice our annual target for 2020 and look forward to many more years with Incify

Stefan Merker, CMO

Incify always goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering the results I expected. My website traffic and leads have doubled.

Jeffery Wang, CEO

What does it cost?

Tpyical pricing may break down as follows:

PHASE I: planning and strategy

1 month

  • 90-day planning session
  • Content messaging strategy
  • Sitemap and navigation strategy
  • Launchpad page strategy
  • Design inspiration
one time fee
See Example

Phase II: Launchpad site

2-3 months

  • A better looking, better-performing site focused on the 20% that drive 80% of the value for users
  • The ability to make changes without the need of a developer
  • Content creation guidance
  • One-on-one support from your coach and team
$1200 - $5000
Typical pricing per month
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Phase II: Training & Improvement


  • Training on how to read and analyse user data from heat-maps, click tracking, traffic analytics, and more.
  • Optimization to conversion paths, landing pages, and content based on data
  • Continued improvements to additional page strategies
  • Active SEO to rank you for every keyword in your space
$1200 - $5000
Typical pricing per month
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*Final pricing will be provided after the assessment call. We need to assess where you stand now and where you want to be in the next 3 years and what is your budget.

Get a team of experts who understand your goals and deliver results

We’re fast, efficient, transparent, and affordable for most businesses. Add us to your arsenal, and let’s smash it!

Not Convinced yet?

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why incify?

  • We only care about one thing—getting you more sales.
  • We target the 20% of the tasks that deliver 80% of the results (saving you lots of money and unnecessary spending).
  • We don’t promise anything that we can’t deliver, our results guarantee is rock-solid.
  • We practice what we preach—the strategy is proven and tested on our business.
  • We’re a global company with multi-national brand experience.
  • We’re affordable for most businesses.

Let’s give you a free assessment (it will come with strategy, and you will know how we operate, and its totally free, with no sales pitch, only value without any obligation).


No fluff or generic marketing content like you’ll find elsewhere. Only advanced stuff that will leave you with an ‘a-ha’ moment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web development is building a site that delivers a message to the target audience in a clear manner, leaves an impression, informs, educates, and most importantly, converts visitors into leads and sales.

If you have a site that is not preforming well, a website revamp is the process of rebuilding your site so it can convert better and rank for keywords

Every website development company is different. Some focus on the user experience, and some focus on appearance, while neglecting everything else.

We focus on the user experience, the message, and the site’s ability to rank for keywords and convert traffic into leads. Because we’re an SEO agency at heart, we know exactly how to build sites with one purpose: to generate leads/sales.

Your website is your business’ online office or shop. It’s a representation of your business values and is not something that you should take lightly.

Asking the question: “Can I develop a website myself?” is like asking if you can build a home yourself. The answer is: “Yes, but can you afford the time?”

A website is not a template that you buy and customize. It’s much more than that. It’s content and messaging, user experience, and SEO—three big topics in one major development. Buying a theme or using a page builder is the worst thing a business owner could do to their business because it damages the foundation needed to build a sustainable, healthy business.

We always develop sites that have basic SEO, content, messaging, and data tracking. All that comes with the service!

Chatbots and automation can be added once the site is developed. The good thing about working with a 360˚ agency like ours is that we’ve got everything covered, all in one place.

We Assist Clients Wordwide