What marketing metrics do we use to evaluate our performance?

Incify Team

Incify Team

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When it comes to marketing, data is everything. Data tell us stories about what is working and what’s not. 

We at Incify breathe data. Everything we say is backed by data and verified through years of experience delivering results.

There are two types of results that we measure: 

Stakeholder report

What matters the most to the business owners, and its 

  1. Number of leads generated from a specific campaign 
  2. Revenue generated this quarter/month/week
  3. Number of orders sold this quarter/month/week
  4. Return on investment (ROI) from all marketing channels 
  5. Return on ads spend (ROAS) from a paid advertisement 

Marketing dashboard report: Top level

In the example above (a SaaS business), we track and report several metrics based on four sections

  1. Website traffic (Organic): to meassure perforamnce of the organic channel
  2. Website traffic (all): to meassure the performance of all channels
  3. Ranking movement: to meassure the movement of keywords between the positions.
  4. Links tracking: to meassure the new links and monitor them incase any got removed.

For the website traffic section, we measure three metrics

  1. Organic sessions: number of traffic coming to the site
  2. Schdeuled a demo call: Important metrics that the clinet care about.
  3. Scheduled a demo call: hard conversion that often happen after the (Schedule a demo call)

Those 3 metrics are what stakeholders or any business owner care about; by the end of the day, the math is simple, are we getting more sales? Are we getting three times the initial investment? Those are the questions that we ask every day, and it’s the end goal.

This report helps us understand how traffic growth correlates to the end goals.

If you want to learn more about that SaaS business that we used in this example, we published a detailed case study on how we increased their leads by 743.86% in 8 months. So check it out to get a better context on the reporting structure.

Team report

This is a report for the executing team. We need this information to assist us in achieving, reconsidering, or changing course about our objectives.

  1. Cost per click: is the CPC high or low compared to the industry average 
  2. Cost per 1000 impressions: are we getting enough impressions
  3. Organic traffic growth: Are we growing organically quarter over quarter, or are we in decline
  4. Website engagement rate: are the visitors engaging with the content, visiting multiple pages, spending time on site, viewing videos, or do they bounce out after 30 seconds.
  5. Website conversion rate: are we below or above industry average, and what can we do to improve that.
  6. Multi-touch attribution: can we tell what channel helped in converting that lead and what to focus on. 

GA4 report

For the team report, we track many metrics on a granular level (GA4) and an individual level (session recording and heatmap with MouseFlow and site activity tracking in ActiveCampaign or HubSpot).

Data is recorded in every interaction; we collect data and learn from it. We track a broad range of variables with insights and deep data to quantify the business impact.

We want you to get more sales, more orders, and more leads, and that is what we care about. Everything else is not important.

We use a flexible hourly approach to give you the freedom to allocate your resources where they are most needed to deliver a significant impact on the bottom line.

Don’t waste more time looking around; request a free strategy session today, and let’s help you.

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